We The People Must Not Make Nor Accept Any Laws Hi at Do Not Pertain To Us As A People By Nature. We Are Not To Respect Laws Made, Forced Or Enforced Upon Us By Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest, Health, Welfare, Or Wealth In Mind. We Are To Avoid Religious Restrictions And Laws, That Have Not To Date, Been Proven, Beyond Any Doubt To Have Been Inscribed By Any Or Some Supernatural Being For Us, To Help Us. We Are Not To Obey Any Laws Made By Or Between Any People While We Were In Captivity Or Being Held Against Our Will, Laws Made For The Settler And His Own People, Not Us Indigenous American Moors Or Those Of Us Who Are Of African Origin And Other People Of Color. We Are Not To Create Laws For Others That Do Not Apply To Their Nature Or Safety And Well Being. We Are To Respect The Laws Of Others That Pertain To Them, Not To The Point Of Abiding By Them, But Simply Out Of
Due Respect And The Principle Of Law And Enforcement. We Are To Enforce Our Laws Amongst Our Sovereign Nation Members. According To The Universal Declaration Of Human Rights (Adopted By UN General Assembly Resolution 217A (III) Of 10 December 1948), States:

“Whereas it is essential, if man is not to be compelled to have recourse, as a last resort, to rebellion against 
tyranny and oppression, that human rights should be protected by the rule of law,”

We Are To Make Laws That Are Acceptable, Agreeable, And Comprehensible To All The Indigenous People Of Our Nation. We Are Not To Impose Curfews Or Put Restrictions On Individuals From Self-Determination And Pursuits, That Are In Violation Of Others Privacy Or
Safety. We Are To Live By The Laws Agreed Upon In The Constitution Of The Yamasi Tribe Of Indigenous Americans, The United Nuwabian Nation Of Moors. All Legislative Powers Mentioned, In These Nine STATUTES Shown Above, Of Our Constitution, Inscribed And Given, Shall Be Vested In The Yamasi Tribe Of Indigenous Americans, United Nuwabian Nation Of Moors, Indigenous People Of The World. The Position Of Maku Or The Supreme Grand Master Is Eternal. The Maku Will Choose His Successor Before Moving On To A Higher Life. This Successor Will Be The Preference Of The People, Working Of, For And By The People. She/He Will Be Of The Bloodline Of The Family Tribe Clan Of The Yamasi Tribe Of Indigenous Americans, The United Nuwabian Nation Of Moors Only. If The Maku Has An Untimely Departure To A Higher Life, The Sacred Council Of The 9 to 13 Clan Mothers Appointed By The Maku: Asaru Ankh Amun-El, Chief
Black Eagle Feather, Will Make The Decision As To Who The Next Successor Will Be. This Office Shall Be Filled By The Person Or Peoples Duly Preferred By The Members Of The Yamasi Tribe Of Indigenous Americans, The United Nuwabian Nation Of Moors, To Ensure Fair Decisions And Judgments And Petitions And Enactments. A Board Must Be Elected To Legislate Request On The Part Of The Above Mentioned People. Open Elections Are To Occur For Officers Of The Newly Formed Government Every Nine Years, And May Be Re-Elected, Provided That Of The New Officials, They Are Qualified By: Credentials, Actions, Practice, Character, And Health, Both Physical
And Mental To Occupy The Seats Of This Newly Formed Government. Any Officer Can And Will Be Removed By The People For Incompetency, Indecency, Dishonesty, Biases, Instability Of Health Both Physical Or Mental.

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