We The People Must Reinstall In Our People The Realities That Success And Succession Comes From Cooperation And Participation. We Must Work Together To Accomplish Goals That Would Result In Our Success As A People. We Must Support Each Other In All Manners Of Life. We Must Learn To Depend On Trust, Respect And Assist One Another, hi Order To Succeed In Any And All Of Our Undertakings. We Must Utilize Our Highest Potential. We Must Learn To Proceed Through Blocks, Over Hurdles, And Through Trenches That Are Set Up To Hinder Our Progress, Growth, And Success By Those Who Fear Our Ability Of Self-Rule, Government, Determination, And Productivity, As A People. The Disagreeable Beings, Be They Force Or Human, Spends Much Time Trying To Deceive Us Into Thinking Less Of Ourselves And Our Kind. We Must Set Vivid, Not Vague Goals For Ourselves As A Sovereign Nation And Put Full Effort In Making The Best Of Our Time And Substance, Skills, Talents And Education In Order To Be A Successful Nation.

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