We The People Must Re-Learn To Love Ourselves. We Must Care. We Must Love Our Images, Our Cultures, Our Pass Contributions, To World Improvement And Accomplishments. This Will Breed The Love Of Others As We Learn To Love Our Nuwabian -Moorish Selves. That
Is Both Our Appearance, As Well As Our Intelligence. We Must Re-Learn To Accept All Nuwabian Moors As Family And Tribes And Nations. We Are One Community Or People With The Same Origin. We Must Reject All Foreign Given Titles That We Do Not Choose To Be Called Or Identified By. We Must Reject All Religions And Cultures That Do Not Highlight Our Presence And Cultures. We Must Respect Each And Every Foreign Religion, Culture, People, And Their Customs In The Environments In Which They Belong. The Freedoms Of Choice And Self-Determination In The Environments In Which They Belong. We Must Become More Concerned With The Health, Welfare, Environment, Economic, Mental, And Physical Stability Of Each Other. We Must Do All In Our Power To Prevent Our People From Mental Depression And Physical Degradation, Self-Destruction By The Use Of Any And All Substances Of Abuse. For We Practiced By Nature, Healthy Living
Before We Came In Contact With Those Who Wished Us Physical And Mental Harm. We All Are Indeed Our Brothers Keepers.

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