Fellow Kosmosan,

This order was conceivied with one thought in mind…you and your spirtual upliftment. Melchizedek, in this incarnation is here to guide you back to your link. We, The Purified Ones, are of the sons of the Ancient Ones, children of the ANUNNAQI ELOHIM. Have you ever wondered why you have deju vu? See things you can’t explain to others? Feel out of place amongst mortals, who think they are normal? The answers to these questions that you seek can be found within this Ancient Order. The same order Jesus (Yashua), Muhammad Al Amin, Al Mahdi, Confuscious, Zoser, etc. were all part of. We invite the souls who are interested to take part and become a disciple of Melchizedek, also known as Murduk by the Sumerians, Ammunnubi Ruakhptah by the Tamareans, The ArchAngel Michael by the Christians, and known as Al Khidr by the Muslims. No matter the name this supreme being incarnates from time to time for those in need of his help.

Membership dues are $9 a month and each lesson is $12. Use Paypal me link below to make your payments.


For any questions about the Ancient Mystic Order Of Melchizedek, please call 855.849.1799 ext. 1 or email us at

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