Who is Diane Fletcher?

Descendant the Arikara Tribe.

The daughter of Ben York and the wife of the Arikara Chief named “Black Feather”, was named Diane Fletcher. She was taken as a slave to the Fletcher family. She later gained her freedom and lived with the Kiowa Nation of Native Americans, the Cherokee Native Americans, and the Comanche, Pequot ad then the Massachusetts. Diane Fletcher, died in Teaneck New Jersey, she was the sister to David P. York Sr. Ben York also had a Seminole wife and other wives from different tribes, such as the Nez Perce, Hopi, Kiowa, Cherokee etc. 

My seed comes in with the family in Boson and the family in Virgina, who later moved to Pennsylvania, using the William name from William Clark, and out of Boston using the York name from Ben York, the Moor, and the Miller and Washington out of Louisiana, the Washitaw.My native American name is “Black Eagle.” My mother Mary C. York (Born March 10, 1924),whose maiden name is Mary C. William is the daughter of Leila Williams (maiden name Leila Miller from Charleston, a Souther Carolinian Quiche, and Louisianan Creole, Washington), and Bobby Williams, frist cousins, sister to David York’s father, who descended from “Old York”. The name William came from William Clark. The name Mary comes from the word Maori, meaning “dark.”


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