Who is Ben York?

Born 1779 -1893 A.D.

Ben York was born in the year 1779 A.D. on a plantation in Virginia of the Clark Family, and died in the year 1893 A.D. in Richmond Virgina, at age 114. His parents NICKNAMED “Old York” and “Rose” were transferred from Louisianan Family named Miller and Washington, to Virginia, where they became house servants of one William Clark’s Family and was given his first name, as their last name, Williams. Also while living in Virginia, they became known as the Yorks, whose family’s stronghold as Washitaw is in Boston Massachusetts

The name “York” is on the Birth Certificate of Maku “Chief” Black Eagle; Nayya: Malachi Z. York-EL, was issued July 3rd, 1945 A.D., in Suffolk County, New Bedford, Roxbury Boston while Malachi York’s mother resided at 162 Harold Street, is simply “York” with no first name, and his (Malachi Z York) date of birth being Tuesday, June 26, 1945 A.D. at 9:10 p.m. to the father on the Birth Certificate issued is David Piper York Sr, place of birth: New Bedford Massachusetts, and the mother Mary C. Williams, (Maden Name) present name (Mary C. York), place of birth: Philadelphia Pennsylvania. She also gave birth to five (5) other children, and one by a second marriage ALL WASHITAW by Tribe, who were: 1. David Piper York Jr., 2. Dale Elaine Nora York, 3 York (Malachi York), 4 Debra Jean York, and Dennis Craig York. Those are her five (5) kids of the York Family. She (Mary C York) married a man from Barbados, West Indies named Frankie Hemmings, and again gave borth to 6. Yolanda Hemmings.

Ben York was the given name of the son of Yusuf Ben Ali or “Ben Ali”, “Son of Ali” also called Abdullah Ibn Ali born 1756-1861 A.D. to a Washo woman with a Moroccan father named Warda Salim Idriys, also known as “Rose”, daughter of Sharufa Salim Idriys, of the Idrisid Dynasty, who were Moorish Malians, who came with one of the many ships that sailed over here from Africa, by African navigators from Mali, riding the Aftican Tide, or currents.

The Idrisid Dynasty were the first Arab rulers of the whole of Morocco. They were the descendants of Bilall son of Rabah and Hamama, an Ethiopian Moor born 551-641 A.D. The Idrisid held power in Morocco from 789 A.D. to 926 A.D. The Idrisid was succeeded by other dynasties, both red Arab and red Berber. 

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