Who is Empress Cousaponakeesa?

Empress Cousaponakeesa is the recognized Empress and Princess of the Upper and Lower Creeks, Who Maku: Chief White Buffalo and Maku: Black Eagle recognizes as their Empress. On the internet there is a North Georgia Notable-Entitled Mary Musgrave, Queen of the Creeks. You will see a story “Empress & Queen of the Upper and Lower Creeks” by Richard E Irby, Jr. This story took place after the Yamassee War also called Brim’s War because Brim, being of the Coweta, another Creek Tribe, joined the Yamassee to fight the British in 1715 A.D. 

This story is about a supposed Treaty signed between settlers and Native Americans and their Chiefs, or Maku namely Malatchee, the only reigning Emperor of the Creek Confederacy, who were also a part of the Yamassee Tribe at the time, the Chiefs of the Coweta, Osweeche, Chehaw, Echeta, Pallachucola, Ocona, Eufaul, Chiefs of the Upper and Lower Creek and Uchee, and Mary Musgrave or Mary Bosomworth properly called Princess Cousaponakeesa,who is the daughter to the sister of Illustrious old Empress Brim or Bream Goa (her niece) and Henry Woodward, a South Carolina Trader. Her husband Thomas Bosomworth, who was also a half breed and Thomas’ brother named “Adam” were all involved in The Articles OF Friendship And Commerce on May 18, 1733 A.D., where the Creeks gave up their land.

Tomochichi, the appointed Chief of a fugitive Yamassee band because he did not join his Tribe’s Men in the Yamassee War was also involved in this “Treaty”. Tomochichi,  the Yamacraw Mico in compassion, encouraged this “Peace” conference amongst the Creek, between the Savannah and Altamaha, “as far up those rivers as the tide flowed except for a small place above Yamacraw Bluff.” Understand that these treaties to us Native Americans meant we were sharing the land in peace, Yet, to the Settlers this meant they owned the land. This land later became the colony of Savannah.

We all know that the European Settlers cheated us Native Americans from our land. One of their tactics was to literally wine and dine us Native American, that is, get them so drunk, that they would sign our land away. And till this day, the Native Americans’ and the American Indians’ indigenous right to this land is still being popessed and conquered. 

For more information (refer to the scroll #360 entitled: “Lets Set The Record Straight!, An Excerpt From The Nuwaubian Sacred Records of Moors”, Study Book For The United Nuwaubian Nation Of Moors”).

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