Who Are The Yamassee?

Ans: We the Yamassee Tribe Of Native American Moors Are A Branch Of The Olmec Moors also known as Washitaw, The Mound Builders. Our Ancestors Built The Rock Eagle Mound And Many Others In Such States As Wisconsin, Ohio, South Carolina, Louisiana, And Tennessee. This Is Why We Chose Eatonton, Georgia To Live. It Is Close To Rock Eagle Mound.

We Yamassee Or Jamassi, Meaning “Gentle” Are A Native American Tribe Of Moors That Once Lived In Georgia On The Ocmulgee River Not Far Above Its Junction With The Oconee. In 1715 A.D. In The Book Entitled:

“New Partnership Indigenous People And The United Nations System”, Where It States And I Quote: “A North American Leader Explained To A Younger Tribal Member: The Paper With Words Had One Kind Of Meaning. Three Objects From The Signing Ritual Had Others. A Bag Made Of Deer Skin Signified Sharing, The Sacred Pipe Was For Truth And Sweet Grass Meant Kindness. They Were “A Kind People”,…

Make Note At This Point, From The Above Statement That, We The Yamassee, Were The: “Kind People”, Which Is What The Name Yamassee Means “Kind Or Gentle”.

We Yamassee Rose In Rebellion Against The English And Killed Two Or Three Hundred Settlers, But Were Defeated By Governor Craven And Took Refuge In Florida, Where Until The Secession Of Florida To Great Britain, We Yamassee Were Allies Of The Spaniards. Some  Of Us Remained In The Neighborhood Of The St. Johns River Until The Outbreak Of The Seminole War. The Oklawaha Band Of Seminole Is Said To Have Been Descended From Our Yamassee Tribe. In 1730 A.D., Some Of Us Yamassee Native Americans Settled On The Site Of What Is Now Savannah Georgia, Under The Name Of Yamacraw. The Yamassee War (1715-1716 A.D.) In The United States Colonial History Is The Conflict Between Us Native Americans And British Colonists In The Southeastern Area Of South Carolina. The British Settlers That Were Into The Slave Business Took Yamassee Women And Children As A Payment For Trading Goods That The British Gave To Our Yamassee Tribe, Knowing That We Yamassee Would Not Be Able To Pay For The Goods. 

We Yamassee Native American Moors Originally Resided In Georgia, However, When The Spanish Settlers Pushed Us Out By Imposing Regulations And Unfair Trading, Our Yamassee Tribe Then Moved To The Carolinas And Became Valuable Allies Of The British. We Yamassee Traded With Them And Worked With Them. Our Yamassee Tribe Of Native American Moors Even Fought Alongside The British Against The Tuscaroras Native American Tribe, Our Long Time Enemy. After The Tuscarora War Of 1711-1713 A.D., Which Was A Result Of The British Invasion On Tuscarora Land, The British Turned On Our Yamassee Tribe Even Though We Yamassee Helped Them In The Massacring Of Most Of Our Long Time Enemy, Just As The Spanish Did. They Cheated Our Yamassee Tribe By Taking Our Land And Never Paying For It.

The British Traders Forced Us Yamassee At Gunpoint To Help Carry Trade Goods Throughout The Wilderness. This Insulted Us Yamassee Native American Moors, Yet The Worst Of Acts Against Our Yamassee Tribe Came When The British Gave Our Yamassee Tribe All The Rum We Wanted Plus Trade Goods, They Then Demanded Immediate Payment Which Our Yamassee Tribe Could Not Pay, Our Yamassee Tribe Asked For More Time To Pay Off The Debts.

The British Refused And Seized Our Yamassee Wives And Children For The Slave Market. In Retaliation, Our Yamassee Tribe Gathered Our Relatives, Neighboring Tribes Of Apalachees, Choctaw,  Chickasaw,  All Tribes  Of The  Creek Nation, The Catawbas, And The Cherokees Who Were Also Related To Us Yamassee Native American Moors. They Also Joined Our Yamassee Tribe In What Is Referred To As The “Yamassee Uprising”.

 Ques: Why Are We Moors? 

 Ans: We Are The Nuwaubian Nation Of  Moors. We Call Ourselves “Moors” Because Of The Historical Records, Worldwide, Where You Find The Latin Word Moreno, Which Meant “Black”, But In The Sense Of Supreme Balancement, Not To Be Mistaken With “Negra”, Which Is Strictly The Color Black Not The State Of God Before Creating The Light (Genesis 1:2-3). The Romans Used Negra As Far Back As New Testament In Acts 13:1, Where Simon, One Of Jesus’ Disciples Is Being Called Niger, Nigger. When You Look Into The Greek You Get “Neeger” (Niger) And They Give The Meaning Of The Word “Black”, As Used For The Color In Today’s Dialects Derived From The Ancient Romans As Latin And Greek. Being All Of His-Story Is Recorded In These Languages And Not In Arabic Or Hebrew, Then Whenever They Made Reference To Our Rights, What We Owned, And What We Did As The Civilizers Of All Of Europe, On All Of The European Coat Of Arms, You Will Find Us As A Race, Not Being Called Negro Or African Or Colored Or Nubians, Or Afro-Americans But Rather Moor. The Word Moor Is Sometimes Spelled From The French Muur, Both Coming From The Ancient Romans, Greek Maurus.

The Greek Word For Black Is Melas (Melaw) From Which They Get The Word Melan, For Melanin. So It Is Important That We Identify With What Can Be Found On Documents. If We Are To Re-Claim Our Rights, And The Property And Riches That Belong To Us, You Moors Must Be Found Somewhere On Documents. There Are Millions Of Documents That Identify You As Moors, [Not To Be Mistaken With The Muslims Of Morocco, For Islam Invaded That Country In The 17th Century]. The People There Were Already Dark Olive-Toned Skin And Woolly Haired, Simply Moors. Not To Mention On This Very Soil, America Moors As Olmecs Were Already Here, Dark Olive Toned, Woolly Haired People, Not Immigrants, But Indigenous.

Did You Know That We Had A Moor President Before George Washington (1732-1799 A.D.), Who Became President In The Year 1789 A.D. After Being A General, Appointed By A Moorish President Named John Hanson Born April 3, 1721 And Died November 15, 1783. John Hanson Was A Maryland Patriot During The American Revolution And First President Of The New Nation Under The Articles Of Confederation. A Member Of The Maryland Assembly From 1757, He Became Active In The Resistance To British Tax Measures In The 1760’s And Was An Early Supporter Of Independence. As A Delegate To The Continental Congress (1780-82), John Hanson Signed The Articles Of Confederation And Played An Important Part In Persuading New York And Virginia To Give Up Their Claims To Western Territory. Because He Was Elected By Congress As “President Of The United States In Congress Assembled” In 1781 A.D., Hanson Has Sometimes Been Called “The First President Of The United States”.

According To The American Heritage Dictionary, The Meaning For The Word Moor, And They’ll Tell You It Means:

Moor (M<R) N. 1. A Member Of A Moslem People Of Mixed Berber And Arab Descent, Now Living Chiefly In Northwest Africa. 2. One Of The Moslems Who Invaded Spain In The 8th Century And Established A Civilization In Andalusia That Lasted Until The Late 15th Century. [Middle English More, From Old French, From Medieval Latin Maurus, From Latin Maurus, Mauritanian, From Greek Mauros.

So As You Can See They Have Made Moor Synonymous With Muslim. The Trick Is That The Berbers Mixed In With These People And The Arabs Mixed In With These People Which Is Why There Are So Many Light-Skinned, Straight-Haired People In Morocco. The Arabs Are Descendants Of Joktan Son Of Eber (Genesis 10:25), And Eber Is Where They Get The Word Hebrew From. They Mixed With A Caucasian Named Bathsheba Daughter Of Eliam, Of The Tribe Of Gileon Of The Hethites (Genesis 10:15), From The Cursed Seed Of Canaan (Genesis 9:25). You’ll Find Their Complexion Described In Lev. Chapter 13 And 14 As Well As Their Yellow Thin Hair (Blonde Hair) Lev. 13:30. This Is Not Racism, This Is Biblical Facts.

So As Your Original Arabs Who Were Hebrews From Eber, Later From Mixing Became What You See Today As Pale-Skinned Arabs With Straight Hair. The Original Arabs Were Dark Olive Toned Skin, With Woolly Hair. Then You Have The Berbers, A Member Of Northern Africa, Primarily Muslim People, Living In Settled Or Nomadic Tribes From Morocco To Egypt, Speaking Any Of The Afro/Asiatic Languages Of Berber. Berber Is From Arabic Barbar, From Where You Get The Word Barbarian. These Are Caucasians Who Invaded, Took Over Morocco And All Of Northern Africa, Coming From Asia, Mixing In With The Original Africans, Thus Afro-Asiatic. Thus, Many Moors (Meaning By Race) Mistakenly Influenced By Islam Call Themselves Asiatics. Asiatic Is From The Word Asia, An Arabic Word Aasia, Meaning “Orient”, Which Means The “Rising Of The Sun”.

Their Land Begins After The Persian Gulf, On The Other Side Of The Tigris Euphrates, Where Our Land Ended. Our Land Extended From The Shores Of California, All The Way Throughout South America, The Caribbean Islands, And All The Islands In The South Atlantic Ocean, And Extends All The Way To New Mexico And As Far As The Tigris Euphrates, Which Means From The Pacific Through The Atlantic On Over.

 There Was No Division Between North Or South America And Africa And Arabia, And There Was No Red Sea, And There Was No Such Thing As The Middle East. All Of That Was One Land Mass, Called Ganawa. Later After The Continental Drift, This Side Became Atlan, North America, Lower Part Became Amexem, South America, And To The East You Had Sudan, Africa To The Persian Gulf. All Of The People There Were What The Latin Speaking Historians Recorded As Moors.

If We Don’t Use Our Name That’s On The Deeds Of Our Land, But Rather Pick Up Geographic Names Like Nigerian, Ethiopian, Egyptian, Nubian, Sudanese, Or Even Use Slang   Names   Like:   Afro-American, Afro-Descendants, West Indians, Africans Negroes, Or Use Religious Names Like Muslims, Hebrews, Christians, Khamites, Or Tribal Names Like, Israelites, Ishmaelites,   Moabites, Shabazz, Or Nick Names   Five   Percenters,   N.O.I.,   Ansaar Allah,   Sunni  Muslim,   Hebrew   Israelite, Nations Of Gods And Earth, Israeli Church, Moorish Science Temple, And The Likes, We Will Not Be Entitled To The Due Process Of The Law. You Should Know The Amendments Of The Constitution. If We Continue To Speak About The Emancipation Proclamation, We Will Only Be Talking About Those Of Us Who Were Kidnapped And Brought Over On What Is Called Slave Ships. Those Of Us That Were Already Here Before What’s Called Continental Drift, Have Property Right Here.

So Right Is Right, Truth Is Truth, If Prophet Noble Drew Ali (1886-1929) Pointed Out A Truth That All The Rest Of Us, Who Call Ourselves Leaders, And Say We Are Sincere About The Facts Should Acknowledge. Then Once We Find Out That He Is Right And Exact About Our Race And Nationality, Then We Are Not Ego Tripping Or So Self Righteous That We Can Not Concede The Truth. Truth Is Truth. We Are Moors. We Must Use This In Order To Inherit, Or Re-Claim That Which Is Rightfully Ours

The Flag Of Morocco As Used Today Red With A Green Interlocking Five-Pointed Star, Is Just That; “The Flag Of Morocco,” Not A Universal Flag Of The Moors, Which Is Black Red And Green, And You May Add On It The Symbol Of Your Choice Or You Can Have Your Own Clan, Tribe, Religious Group Flag; But His-Story/And Our-Story Proves That This Flag Was Introduced Into Morocco In 1912 A.D. First The Flag Was A Solid Red Flag, Which Came In With The Alaouites, And Has Nothing To Do With George Washington Chopping Down Any Cherry Tree. There Were Moors Who Came Over Here From Morocco And Their Flag Flies In Washington D.C., The Moroccan Flag. This Does Not Go For All Of Us. They Are The Indigenous People From There, And It Can Be Found In Documents, And They Are Exempt From The Jim Crow Laws.

So These Alaouites Invaded Morocco Beginning In The 17th Century, From The Descendants Of The King Of Morocco, King Hasan II Son Of Muhammad V, Who Himself Was A Pale Arab With Straight Hair And More Caucasian Than Original Moor, Meaning He Is Either Berber Or Arab Invader. They Are The Ones Who Introduced The Red Flag, And Then The Interlocking 5-Pointed Star, Which Is Called The Green Sulayman Star Introduced In 1912 A.D. When Morocco Was Put Under French Rule And Added To That Red Flag That You See Today.

The Red Flag With The White Star And Crescent, As Used By The Nation Of Islam, And Taught To Be Our Flag Is None Other Than A Turkish Flag As Their Founder Master Fard Muhammad Was A Descendant From The Turks. That Also Is Not Our Flag. However, Marcus Garvey As Taught By Duse Muhammad Ali Who Also Taught Prophet Noble Drew Ali, Who Taught W.D. Fard, And The Honorable Elijah Muhammad, They Raised The Flag Of The Mahdi Of The Sudan, Muhammad Ahmad Al Mahdi (1845 – 1885 A.D.) The Word Sudan Comes From The Word Aswan Which Comes From, The Seat Of Karnak  In Ancient Egypt.

As Their Founder Master Fard Muhammad Was A Descendant From The Turks. That Also Is Not Our Flag. However, Marcus Garvey As   

Taught By Duse Muhammad Ali Who Also Taught Prophet NobleDrew Ali, Who Taught W.D. Fard, And The Honorable Elijah Muhammad, They Raised The Flag Of The Mahdi Of The Sudan, Muhammad    Ahmad    Al    Mahdi (1845-1885   A.D.) The Word Sudan Comes From The Word Aswad, From Where Aswan Comes From, The Seat Of Karnak In Ancient Egypt.

The Word Itself Sudan Means In English “Black” And Being There Is No Arabic Word Moor, The Original Moors Were Called Sudanese Or Nubians, But Not On Documents In The West. So The Flag That Was Introduced In America By Duse Muhammad Ali (1866-1885 A.D.) An Egyptian Nubian, Was None Other Than The Black, Red And Green Flag With The Spear Of The Hadendawa Tribe, Called Fuzzy Wuzzies, For Their Thick Woolly Hair, Today Called Afros, And The Upright Crescent Of The West Being We Are A Combination Of Many Denominations And Beliefs. We Use Our Original Flag, Black, Red, And Green, With The Holiest Of All Symbols, The Sun As The Six Pointed Star, The Crescent As The Moon, And The Ankh As The Key To Eternal Life, And This Is Our Flag As The Nuwaubian Nation Of Yamassee-Moors.



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